Ireland Travel Tips – Popular Destinations in Europe

One of the popular destinations in Europe, Ireland is continually becoming a global destination with visitors coming here from all over the world. Its climate, its cultural heritage and the traditional hospitality; all make Ireland a great destination for all the members of the family. Here are a few Ireland Travel tips that you could find handy while on your trip across the country. Some of the interesting facts about the country have also been included in this list as well.- Ireland is an island nation with unparalleled natural beauty characterizing its very existence.
- Dublin is the capital of Ireland.
- The rural countryside and the urban cities; every corner of Ireland is richly dipped in heritage and traditions that guests coming here can especially feast on.
- A few of the popular Irish destinations are Limerick, Galway, Sligo, and Cork, besides Dublin.
- The climate of Ireland is primarily maritime with cool summers and mild winters with a great deal of rains throughout the year.
- Euro is the currency of Ireland and ATM’s are housed across all corners of the Irish cities for convenience of locals and tourists alike.
- For visitors traveling to Ireland, it is highly advisable that medical insurance is done prior to visiting the place.
- Smoking in public places is strictly prohibited here.
- Left hand side driving is practiced in Ireland and therefore one has to be used to this type of driving, particularly for guests who wish to drive across the country while on sightseeing tours here.
- Tipping in the restaurants and pubs and bars is extremely common.
- From Prehistoric monuments to contemporary architectural wonders, Ireland is housed with a number of interesting attractions that wait to surprise its guests while on their visit across the nation.